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Since its establishment SINTEC EU LIMITED provides a range of installation services of commercial and industrial equipment.

Each Client its unique meaning of quality. We work closely with everyone to identify specific requirements, and to accommodate each project’s needs on very individual basis.

We appreciate how international business is nowadays. With that in mind, and with experience of organizing projects in international environment, we support our Customers on a global scale. Our offices in UK, USA and Latvia provide more flexibility in fulfilling such requirements.

There is no big or small project. Each job is approached with equal level of responsibility and attention to detail. We understand the important role we play in success of each project. This is why we put heart and mind in everything we do.

History of our company



SINTEC LV formed in Riga, Latvia


First project in Prague


Largest project and most long-lasting
has started in Finland, Sipoo



New office and warehouse in Riga


Surveillance systems installation
for Riga public transport



SINTEC Group built new office
and warehouse in Riga, Latvia
to support its growth

our team

Dmitrijs Hudins
Office: +371 60008528
Sergejs Hlebnikovs
Chief engineer
Office: +371 60008528
Anton Latush
Head of Business Development
Office: +371 60008528

our mission

To deliver an exceptional customer experience through excellent quality and strong reliability in order to win our customer’s respect and confidence. Quality and reliability form our foundation which we display and deliver with every interaction we have with our customers. Our internal customers are our employees and we promise to provide a rewarding and fulfilling career path of their choice.

our core values


Individual approach in meeting Customers’ expectations of quality at competitive prices.


Constantly explore new markets and opportunities. Continuous learning and reflection.


Take full responsibility for own actions. Put heart and mind in everything we do.


Consitency in delivering exceptional Customer satisfaction and meeting Customer’s needs


Provide maximum flexibility in meeting demands on a global scale. International presence.


Ensure constant return on investment (ROI) and meet long/short term goals