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SIA SINTEC EU has successfully completed a next scope of works- Small Power and Lighting (supply, installation, testing & commissioning) at Data centre Cyrus One, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany in 2020 year.

Despite numerous challenges imposed by changes in the programme, SINTEC managed to keep steady workflow by closely liaising with our site team, to keep the electrical installation on track.

MERCURY is satisfied with quality workmanship and coordination by SINTEC and is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with SINTEC.


Carlos Sopelana

Quantity Surveyor

SINTEC UK LTD has undertaken the electrical installation on the Amazon material handling system in Dortmund, Germany for TGW Logistics Northern Europe.

Once again SINTEC have delivered quality workmanship, showed good technical expertise along with flexibility of working to ensure a successful delivery of the project.

We look forward to continue working together on future projects in both the UK and Europe.

Paul Roman

Head of Controls

SINTEC UK LTD has performed electrical installation of material handling system at BOL project in Netherlands in 2016/2017.

TGW are satisfied with quality installation, efficiency of the on-site team, and overall organisation of SINTEC.

TGW is looking forward to future cooperation with SINTEC UK LTD in the UK and Europe.
Falcon Court, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7FQ, GB

Paul Roman

Operations Manager Controls

Herewith we, SSI Schaefer, confirm that Sintec UK Limited, Unit 23 Metro Centre, Brittania Way, London NW10 7PA, UK, is a reliable long term partner in the installation of automated warehouse distribution systems.

In the realization of a sophisticated fully automated logistics system for our customer in Waalwijk, Netherlands between February 2020 and December 2020 Sintec supported us with a considerable number of fully qualified, highly motivated mechanics and electricians.

The mechanics did a large proportion of the installation and alignment of all mechanical components while the electricians did power supply as well as the cabling of the 24 V control components to our complete satisfaction.

With their professional support it was possible to install our conveying-, commissioning- and storage-systems according to our high quality standards.

In addition we want to state that Sintec is and has always been a very reliable partner who tries to meet our requirements perfectly, so we definitely plan to cooperate closely in various projects in the future.


Florian Gross

Head of Installation Global